The future of Walking South

I've not touched this site for years, but retirement, moving to Sussex and the Coronavirus lockdown have tempted me to reactivate it, but in a new format, with a new, more local, focus.

In preparation for the reactivation of, I am editing 'Walking South' to bring it into a fit state for archiving as a separate sub-domain. As part of this process, I have deleted the 'Significant updates' section of this page, as it has no current value or use.

The technology has changed since I started the site, so I'll need to get to grips with HTML5 and CSS for mobile devices.

* * *

Why I started this site

I started this site to learn about building and maintaining web pages. Initially, it covered a number of different topics - a bit about T H Huxley, the great Victorian biologist, some of my holiday snaps from trips abroad, and some test pages for other sites. I then added a few pages about walking in South East England. The pages about walking gradually expanded, and I therefore decided to delete the miscellaneous content, and limit the site's content to matters about walking in a region I originally called 'South East England', but which I now more properly refer to as 'south of London'.

Although the site started as an exercise in building and maintaining web pages, I hope the content developed to become of intrinsic interest to at least a few people.

I chose the domain name, based on my own name (Jon Taylor), simply because when I started the site, I had no particular subject in mind, but needed a name.

I built the site using XHTML 1.0 Strict with CSS level 2.1, as I'm a standards purist, and I liked the formal discipline XHTML imposed.

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